Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feeling Fancy, like Nancy :)

We have three munchkins who are now 2, 3, and 8. We always made it a point to give our oldest dates with each of us each month...but now our 3 year old is old enough to go on dates and actually carry on conversations with us.  Yesterday my husband didn't have to work, so I surprised our 3 year old and took her to see Planes with me! 

Now, we do spend quite a bit of time with the girls apart, with them being 2 & 3 dividing and conquering is easier, but it is never for a planned date. It's always for errands and things like that. Gianna was crazy excited that we were going to see a movie, and it was JUST for her! She always chooses her clothes & after I got in shorts & a t-shirt I took her to pick out her outfit. Well, since it was a date, she chose her favorite sundress, shoes, and a sweater. She made sure I did her hair, put lotion on her, and had her put "lipstick" on. She made me realize I should get fancier for I got into a sundress of mine and some wedges. 

I forgot how good I feel if I put in that extra 5-10 min to put a cute outfit on to go somewhere. I'm a tomboy, always wearing comfy clothes...rarely fashionable. My 3 year old made me realize that to help me feel happier all I had to do was take a little pride in how I dressed myself.

I've realized my husband and I let ourselves go more often than not. Let's face it, we had two babies 14 months apart and we both worked long hours before we had them. Getting "fancy" has always been put on a back burner. I realized yesterday he wanted all sorts of kisses and love, just because I got fancy.

Now, before you think it takes a lot of time I'm going to be real... My nails weren't legs weren't freshly shaved...I had no perfume....very little was barely hair sprayed....dress was cotton & I didn't wear shape-wear...and I have gross looking runner's feet. But yet, the little bit of effort I put in yesterday made me realize that it doesn't take much to make yourself feel better about the day...just a 3 year old who wanted to look fancy for her date with you & a husband who sees that effort. 

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